Saturday, 25 August 2012

Deep within the Forest


Deep within the Forest

Deep within the Forest
Shadows Dark and Haunting Grow
Sapping of the spirit
They Drag the body low
Casting Doubt and deep despair
Tangible in the feted air
Brave the soul who lingers there
But hark the distant piping
the Lofty Buzzards Call
Follow Follow 
Distant Freedoms call
Light ahead?
A glimmer?
Green Colours of the tree
Reflected in the water
At last your free.

The First Poem I ever wrote LOL: Mississippi - The River Was circa 2008

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This is what I wrote in the blog way back then:



OK I checked this out with Gary LOL, The man is a poet.
He said yep this is a poem, so I guess it must be lol!

Its the first I have ever written down a poem, I only kept them in my head, but the idea of it came to me as I traveled down the river on my road trip, but only jelled when I read one of Gary's poems , so thanks Gary for the inspiration.

Mississippi - The River Was

The River Was, my friend

The River Was, my companion

The River Was, my guide

The River Was was, my brother growing slowly at my side

The River Was, the sculptuer of the land before my eyes

The River Was, always there for me under clear or cloudy sky's

The River Was, a teacher of things natural, powerful and spiritual

The River Was

The River is

The River always will be

The River Was, is and will be, when there is no more me.

The River Was